One of the treats we are all looking forward to, as we emerge blinking into the post-lockdown sunshine, is going out for breakfast.

The popularity of eating breakfast and brunch out of home was growing strongly before the pandemic and, if anecdotal evidence is anything to go by, it’s set to make a strong return. 

Added to that, according to IGD research, the pandemic has boosted consumer interest in healthy diets. A survey of 1000 people, reported in September 2020, found that 63% of people cited health as a primary driver – up from 58% in 2019.

There’s a clear opportunity therefore to provide enticing, satisfying breakfasts that keep up with current trends while ticking the healthy-eating boxes! Demand for vibrant, contemporary morning dishes like smashed avo on toast, skinny veggie frittatas and quinoa porridge is growing.

The Full English isn’t a naturally healthy option – but there are easy steps caterers can take to make it more appealing to those following healthy eating diets. Grilling instead of frying the bacon and using low-fat or veggie sausages all help bring down the calories and saturated fat levels, whilst caterers also have the added option of swapping butter for liquid butter alternatives.  

Liquid butter alternatives are also great for breakfast favourites that rely on buttery flavours, like scrambled eggs and sautéed mushrooms.

Another big breakfast and brunch trend is hearty American diner-inspired breakfast classics, like pancakes and waffles – think big portions, and ‘swavoury’ (sweet & savoury) combinations like smoked bacon and maple syrup. Introducing American dishes to the morning menu is a great way to drive sales, but it comes with its own challenges. 

Melting large quantities of butter for dishes can be very time consuming – and breakfast customers don’t usually want to wait. Liquid butter alternatives like Whirl provide a much quicker, easier alternative – helping to free up resources, increasing kitchen output and cutting waiting times during the busy breakfast service.

Whirl’s a great choice too because it doesn’t have to be stored in the fridge, and is less expensive than butter. So, get ready for your breakfast boom and consider using a liquid butter alternative.

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