Terms & Conditions of Sale


All goods delivered are believed to be sound and merchantable and follow best industry practice in storage and distribution to comply with the appropriate U.K. legislation relevant to the sale of food. No warranty is given or implied on any sales, save as to Q Catering Supplies Ltd implied undertaking as to title.


Q Catering Supplies Ltd will not accept any claim as to the quality, weight or condition of the product unless notification is made within 24 hours of receiving the goods.

Goods should be checked at the time of delivery to ensure that they are precisely as ordered and are in  an acceptable condition. Once accepted goods cannot be returned unless there is a manufacturer defect.

No goods from a previous delivery will be accepted for return without prior agreement confirmed by a note of authorisation on the invoice. Any unauthorised return may not be credited


All sales are strictly cash unless a duly signed credit application form has been approved by Q Catering Supplies Ltd, and notification received by the customer. Accounts are payable within the terms specified on the credit form.


Where payment by cheque is found to be unsatisfactory, Q Catering Supplies Ltd reserves the right to collect CASH only and review the credit facilities.


The property of all goods supplies by Q Catering Supplies Ltd does not pass to the buyer until the goods have been unconditionally paid in full, but the goods will be at the buyers risk once delivered or collected by him or his behalf.


Without prejudice to any other rights which Q Catering Supplies Ltd may have, the company may repossess, resell or trace any goods or the proceeds of sale in the buyers hands or the hands of any trustee in bankruptcy, liquidator or receiver at anytime after the credit period has expired; for such purposes the company’s agents may enter the premises of the buyer where the company has reason to believe any such goods may be present.

Order Hotline: 01795 425 050