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Always Invested in a Greener Future

Solar Panels

Recently, we partnered with South East Solar, a Rochester-based installation company, to install solar panels on our premises. Given the significant energy consumption of our refrigeration units, integrating solar panels onto our roof emerged as an ideal strategy to mitigate our CO2 emissions.

Opting for 270 LONGI solar panels for our new unit, we anticipate remarkable results. Annually, this decision is projected to reduce our CO2 emissions by an impressive 68,667 kilograms, equivalent to the environmental impact of 10,172 beef meals.

South East Solar Panel Installation
Q Catering solar panels

Planting a Tree with Every Vehicle Purchased


Every time we buy an IVECO vehicle from our local Maidstone-based supplier Haynes Trucks, The Future Forest Company plants a tree. The Future Forest company aims to remove 1 million tonnes of carbon from the atmosphere by 2030 and the trees planted will play a crucial role in filtering pollutants and improving air quality. Additionally, our company prioritises sustainability by utilising hybrid electric cars for our field sales team and directors.

Reducing Energy Consumption with Advanced Light Sensor Technology

The addition of light sensors in our depot enhances operational efficiency by intelligently adjusting lighting based on conditions and occupancy. This optimises energy usage, reducing costs and promoting sustainability.

Reducing Waste and Making a Difference

We contribute food items with minor packaging imperfections that are still safe for consumption, alongside products nearing their expiration date, to FareShare. FareShare then distributes these donations to charities, where they are used to prepare nutritious meals for vulnerable individuals.

Promoting a Greener Commute

Our Cycle-to-Work Program promotes eco-friendly commuting, providing easy access to bicycles to reduce carbon emissions. This initiative not only encourages physical activity but also fosters a healthier lifestyle, contributing to a workplace culture that values sustainability and personal well-being.

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